What is IT Governance?

By definition, “governance” is a method of establishing chains of accountability, empowerment, management, and communication to effectively make and implement decisions. 

IT governance is then the set of processes that ensure effective and efficient use of information technology (IT) in order to enable an organization to meet its goals. 

An IT governance model establishes who is empowered to evaluate, prioritize, select, and fund competing IT investment options, as well as oversee the implementation of solutions and measure benefits.

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IT Governance Purpose and Goals

Here at CU, a new, collaborative IT Governance model has recently been established in response to past failures, as well as in support of continuing and upcoming strategic initiatives.

Purpose Goals
  • Review and approve future strategic IT investments
  • Provide oversight to existing investments
  • Drive structure for collaboration across campuses to support common efforts including the maintenance and evolution of central, common systems 
  • Establish a model that acknowledges the distinct roles and missions of our four campuses
  • Ensure the model supports the need for common, strategic investment in technology that is critical to achieving our mission as efficiently as possible

Services In-Scope

Services in-scope: multi-campus IT offerings

  • Research and Grants
  • Student Services
  • Finance Services
  • HCM Services
  • Cross Application Services
  • UIS Organizational services
  • Advancement Services