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The Faculty Senate Grievance Committee (FSGC) is neither an advocate for faculty nor an arm of university administration.  As described in the Laws and Polices of the Regents, the committee independently investigates, mediates and conducts formal/informal hearings of grievance cases. The resultant reports, containing the recommendations made by its panels, are submitted to the chancellor. However, dismissal for cause case reports are sent directly to the president of the university.

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About the committee

The committee's 24 members represent both tenured and non-tenure track faculty from all four campuses. It evaluates the processes that are followed or not followed in administrative decisions that have impacted a grievant. The committee cannot and does not substitute its opinion on the merit of collegial and/or administrative decisions except in dismissal for cause cases, or in disciplinary actions such as suspensions with or without pay, removal from the classroom, etc. Only in these two types of cases are the merits of these actions debated and considered as part of the committee's deliberations. Since the committee addresses personnel matters, to ensure grievant confidentiality and to protect the privacy of its members, a roster of P & T membership is available upon request only.