The call for proposal deadline was April 10. Rolling acceptances for submissions will begin in late May. Sponsors may still use the form below. Contact with any questions.

To submit a presentation proposal, please provide the information requested below. The program committee encourages proposal submissions that offer innovative perspectives on uses of technology in teaching and learning settings. If your presentation is selected, be prepared to be scheduled for either Aug 9 or Aug 10.

IMPORTANT The form cannot be saved in-progress. Prepare your entries prior to filling out the form.

Descriptions of each Session Type along with duration for each are available in the toggle below

Session Type Descriptions

General Session *Also available to Platinum and Gold Sponsors
Opportunity to bring your experience, expertise, and/or original research of effective practices or tool use to an engaging forum of your design
35 or 50 minutes - subject to selection committee decisions / schedule logistics

Discussion Session *Also available to Platinum, Gold, and Silver Sponsors
Calls on the rich peer network of the COLTT community as facilitator(s) scaffold a rich dialogue with useful takeaways
35 or 50 minutes - subject to selection committee decisions / schedule logistics

Technology Round-Up *Also available to Platinum, Gold, and Silver Sponsors
Represents a collection of multiple, related, and/or new tools or practices for a tech-hungry audience
35 or 50 minutes - subject to selection committee decisions / schedule logistics

Tech Superhero
Mix-n-mingle feel of a poster session, tech superheroes demonstrate superpowers at their respective stations through anecdotal solutions, flexing their transferable knowledge muscle, and facilitating discussion. Participants move around multiple, simultaneous sessions at hightop tables in the Idea Forge Commons freely, acquiring the superpowers of their choice.
70 minutes (two 35 minutes sessions)

Hands-on Workshop
(If selected supplemental questions about pre-requisite skills, devices, or software)
Hands-on exploration on a topic, tool, or resources with participants actively working on their own devices for the duration of the session
115 minutes

In-Depth Seminar
Engages participants in a meaningful learning experience, provides provocative discussions worth spending extra time exploring, or supports other useful takeaways. Seminars can use elements of presentation, discussion, and breakout group work to allow a deeper dive into a topic.
115 minutes

Hands-On Workshop Explanation

This space (200 words) is available for further explanation. Please include an outline and time management, keeping in mind that 80% of the session must have participants working on their own devices. Also include specific requirements such as software downloads or skill-set prerequisites.

Many people decide to go to a session based on title alone. Please provide a descriptive session title that is pithy, catchy, and accurately reflects the content of the session (people complain when it doesn’t!). Examples of well-received sessions with catchy titles: Any Given Monday: Winning the Student Engagement Game, Gamification: Why Games are ADDICTIVE and Your Course is NOT, Your Slides are Terrible and Other Presentation Sins, Poll Dancing in the Classroom and Other Tools of Engagement.
In 125 words or less, please provide an accurate description of the session and what participants will enjoy. This abstract will be included in the session listing.

Learning Objectives: List 2-3 learning objectives and/or take-aways for your session. For inspriation visit:

Describe the elements of engagement you will include in your session (e.g., discussion, activities, student response systems, question and answer periods, etc.), especially if your session is primarily a panel or uses a lecture format. One short Q&A session only at the end of your session does not count as adequate engagement.
Include a short (50 words or less) biography, addressing your qualifications for leading the proposed session and written in the third person. If the session will have up to three session leaders, provide a bio for each. If the session will have more than three session leaders, provide a bio for the primary leader and a general description of the remaining team members.