About This Specialization

This specialization is for anyone who would like to improve how their company or organization impacts the environment, people and communities. We will introduce you to some of the key concepts and tools of sustainable business and teach you how to be an effective change agent. By the end of the class you will have the skills to create an effective sustainability proposal and know who you have to convince, and what they need to know to be convinced.

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Projects Overview

The Classes

We begin by considering what a good first project should be.  It should have a high likelihood of success so it generates credibility and confidence in your ability to identify and implement a change. We also introduce the basics of financial analysis.  This will be a key part of making the business case for sustainable changes.  

The second class introduces more sustainability concepts, such as green design and life-cycle assessment, and offers a more nuanced view of organizational change. 

In the third class we introduce the big issues that many companies will face in the next years or decades - climate change, energy, water, living wages, employee well-being and the sustainability of your company's supply chain.

The fourth class is the capstone class.  It reviews the key parts of the class, discusses implementation strategies and asks you to practice putting all the pieces together with a case study.  During the last two weeks of the class you will produce a complete proposal for change in your company organization!

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