Archive July 2012

As we develop the University-wide Accounting Handbook, we are consolidating the current multiple sources of information.
The CU Shared Practices Program (CUSP) is open for 2012 business through Aug 31. Let others know about the good ideas that your department has implemented. Recent additions to the CUSP best practices pool:

Sponsored Project Administrative Check List

Charlotte Klaus, Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences-AMC, describes how colleague Jill Rogers developed a checklist to assist principal investigators (PIs). There are many processes that must be accomplished when a PI receives a grant or contract award – and the checklist ensures that critical steps are not omitted.
Your dedicated Cognos Reporting team members – Carl Sorenson and Rosen Georgiev – continue their work on the FishNet replacement reports. A few comments from them on the subject of FishNet:
  • No production m-Fin reports will change in August.
  • In Sept, we’ll start decommissioning individual FishNet reports and migrating the related m-Fin changes into production from the test environment (Cognos QA).
  • We expect to have all FishNet financial queries decommissioned by the end of the calendar year (Dec 2012).
Let’s catch up with our Reporting Systems staff – Carl Sorenson and Rosen Georgiev – and review recent developments in Cognos:

Gone Fishin’: New FishNet Replacements

The old FishNet query tool will be decommissioned later this fall so FishNet’s financial queries are now being reviewed for conversion to Cognos m-Fin reports. If you’ve needed the data provided by FishNet’s Pay Detail by Dept ID or Employee ID, please check out these m-Fin replacements (now available in the test environment, Cognos QA) and let Carl know what you think:
The few remaining Administrative Policy Statements (APS) in the Revenue suite of policies – Revenue Definition and Recognition, Auxiliary and Self-Funded Revenues, and Sponsored Project Revenues – are proposed for rescission/rollback at the beginning of August. In future, the needed information will instead be conveyed through procedural materials: Finance Procedural Statements (FPS) or, strictly speaking, through the chapters of the new Accounting Handbook (see article at left), which replaces the old FPS format.
Earlier this week, about 1,000 individuals received email notifications of their responsibility to complete the Fiscal Certification or Fiscal Assessment. The process is off to a great start with over 300 completions already recorded. We’ve had a few questions about the officers listed in the emails so let’s review the roll-up process for the certification and assessment populations. As a reminder, your officer for this purpose is not necessarily the person to whom you report. This is consistent with how the roll-ups have worked in the past.
Many of the Accounting Handbook chapters being published on Aug 6 replace current Finance Procedural Statements (FPS); you will immediately recognize their familiar contents by the chapter title (e.g., Cash Control). However, not all FPSs will be converted to Handbook format. As part of a comprehensive review of policies and procedures, a few FPSs – those that are more technical or instructional in nature – will instead transition to Step-by-Step Guides. Other FPSs – those that are identified as out of date and/or unnecessary – will be eliminated.
Good news: The new CU-wide Accounting Handbook will go live on the OUC website on Mon, Aug 6.