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The University and Campus Controllers meet on September 18 to discuss various topics.
We’ve fixed a payroll encumbrance problem for grants – and you’ll soon see correct information on your financial reports.
We’ve updated the contract review and approval requirements in Fiscal Procedures effective July 1, 2017.
We are seeing some problems with the payroll encumbrance entry posted for June.
What was FY 2017 like in the Office of University Controller? We have a quick video to sum the year up ...
The University and Campus Controllers meet on June 19 to discuss various topics.
Beginning June 11, you’ll see changes in how to access FIN, CU-Data, Concur, CU Marketplace, and other parts of the CU Resources page in your campus portal.
The 'E' in CU I&E stands for Efficiency. But it could also stand for Education ... or Excitement ... two elements of this year's CU Innovation & Efficiency Awards Expo!
Get ready for fiscal year-end with this discussion of accruals and related tasks.
The payroll encumbrance process did not complete normally this month and HCM is preparing to fix and re-run it on Friday, May 26.