The Board of Regents consists of nine members serving staggered six-year terms, one elected from each of Colorado's seven congressional districts and two from the state at-large. The members select their own chair and vice-chair.

The board is charged constitutionally with the general supervision of the university and the exclusive control and direction of all funds of and appropriations to the university, unless otherwise provided by law.

  • Board of Regents is capitalized; regents on second reference, lower case
  • Regent is capitalized before the full name of a regent:
    • Example: Regent Michael Carrigan.
  • Second reference to the regent is last name only.
    • Example: Carrigan was present at the board meeting.
  • When using a regent’s full title, place the district after the name separated by commas: Regent Sue Sharkey, Fourth Congressional District, voted in favor of the measure.