There shall be delegates to represent SSC on administrative committees, working groups, task forces, and such other official bodies of the university, or external to the university, (collectively, external constituencies). Delegates shall be appointed in accordance with these Bylaws. The organizations to which delegates will be assigned will be determined by the executive committee.

Delegates shall carry out their respective duties as follows:

  • attend and participate in appropriate meetings and activities of the subject external constituency
  • report to SSC all relevant information from the subject external constituency
  • represent the positions of SSC to the subject external constituency
  • other duties as assigned - See Article VII, paragraph 4, for information on delegate responsible for policy review.

There shall be three delegates, and one alternative delegate to the system-wide University of Colorado Staff Council (UCSC). Out of the three delegates, two must be current SSC members. The third may be any System employee that was a member in good standing on a previous staff council from any campus. Such delegates shall serve as representatives on the UCSC, pursuant to its bylaws.