Use Guidelines for Student Data:
Reporting, Provisioning & Disclosing

Approved by Student Data Management Group (SDMG) August 9, 2019

CU Student Integrated Systems (CU-SIS)

Security Levels

Types of Data Elements

Level 1 (Public)

Level 2 (Confidential)

Level 3 (Confidential)

Level 4 (Highly Confidential)

Level 5 (Highly Confidential)

Directory Information






All non-directory data not listed and Work Study Information, Gender Identity, Sex, Pronouns, Birthdate, Dorm, Emergency Info, Student ID, UUID, Residency






Military Status, Veteran’s Status, GPA, Probation, Suspension, COF, Service Indicators, Address, Phone Number






Disability, Race, Ethnicity, Citizenship, Legal Presence, Visas, Religion






SSN, NID, Financial Aid (except work study), Loan and Bank Account Numbers, Health Information, Sexual Orientation






 See for more information about data classifications.