One of the core functions of the Office of Information Security is to monitor and respond to threats and attacks that place the University of Colorado at risk. Monitoring takes many forms including using automated tools to monitor CU networks and servers, both automated and manual collection of information about changing threats, and reviewing reports from the CU community. This monitoring results in alerts and tickets that are reviewed and appropriate response actions are taken.

Individual offerings under this service:

  • Network monitoring
  • Log monitoring
  • Threat intelligence
  • Alert/ticket monitoring and triage
  • Incident response

How is CU better through this service?

The University of Colorado has a responsibility to the State of Colorado and the members of the CU community to protect the information and technology assets with which it has been entrusted. While proactive security measures reduce the chances of security incidents, these incidents will still occur. Effective monitoring and response minimizes the impact of these incidents through quick recognition of an incident and actions that limit damages to CU and its community.

Who can use the service?

Network monitoring is a general service provided on campus networks for System Administration.

What does it cost me?

Monitoring and response are provided at no cost. In cases where additional, custom monitoring is needed to meet stricter requirements, departments may need to cover additional direct costs in software, hardware and staffing.

Where do I go to get started with this service?

Most departments benefit from these services without any need for action. If you suspect a security incident has occurred in your department, or want to discuss possible custom monitoring, contact