The Office of Information Security provides information security training content and tools to departments across the CU system. Online training modules provide a baseline understanding of key areas of information security as new employees join CU. Awareness content provided via email and other mediums keeps community members up to date on new issues and refreshes their memory on key items. Periodic phishing simulations provide “in the moment” learning opportunities. The Office of Information Security also provides in person and customized learning experiences for departments based on their needs.  

Individual offerings under this service:

  • Online training
  • In person training and events
  • Awareness content and delivery

How is CU better through this service?

The handling of sensitive and critical information spans a wide variety of roles across the university, placing a responsibility to protect information into many hands. To enable a large group of people to best protect this information, CU needs to provide its community with information and guidance on good information security practices. By providing common offerings across CU, the Office of Information Security reduces the burden on individual departments to develop their own content, as well as providing consistency across CU.

Who can use the service?

Information security training and awareness services are available to any department within CU, regardless of campus.

What does it cost me?

Training and awareness services are generally provided at no cost to any department at CU. Departments needing specialized materials (e.g. posters, swag) may need to provide funding to cover the direct costs of materials.

Where do I go to get started with this service?

If you would like to know more about information security training and awareness services, please contact