Signs that your computer may be infected with a virus or compromised by a cybercriminal

  • Computer shuts down spontaneously and frequently
  • Inability to start the computer or it takes longer than usual
  • Computer is exhibiting unpredictable program behavior
  • Unknown programs appear on your computer
  • Internet connection is extremely slow for no apparent reason
  • Virus scanner crashes and cannot be started again
  • Unable to visit antivirus sites
  • Mass emails are sent from your email account
  • Suspicious hard drive activity, such as lack of hard disk storage space or missing files
  • Pop-up windows, ads, or strange graphics appear on the screen

What to do if you suspect a computer virus

  • Change passwords right away (preferably from a different computer than the potentially infected one)
  • Contact your campus IT department for remediation

What to do if you suspect the computer or university information has been compromised

If you believe an information security incident has occurred, it is important to report it as soon as possible. This allows the investigative team to act quickly to determine the level of impact and contain the incident. Visit Reporting an Incident for more information.