All CU community members have a stake in reducing risks that could impact the university’s financial, reputational, and legal standing. Our mission is to provide you relevant and attainable guidance that will keep sensitive university information private and secure.

Top10 Actions to Reduce Risk

Incorporate these 10 actions into your computing routine, whether working from the office or working remotely. 


Phishing scams were the top reason for incidents and breaches in the educational services sector. Learn how to avoid getting scammed.

Check out CU’s online security-related training courses. Learn how to engage OIS for custom awareness and training.

Infected or compromised?

Learn the signs that your computer may be infected with a virus or compromised by a cybercriminal and what to do for assistance. 

Keep family Secure Online

Kids are especially vulnerable to cybercrime.Teach your family good security behavior for keeping devices secured and personal information private.