We have an idea for fixing higher education throughout the country, which has largely devolved into an embarrassing mess of declining enrollments, activism, and left-wing indoctrination disguised as academic instruction.
As Bruce Benson marks his 10th anniversary as president of the four-campus University of Colorado system, we couldn’t be more pleased at such risk-taking. Benson has been an open-minded powerhouse and we hope his accomplishments convince more university...
This month's pride point celebrates CU's continued presence at the Olympics. The 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea had at least 12 people there that we know of who are affiliated with CU from athletes, reporters, a forerunner...
Researchers at CU Anschutz are developing statistical models that help predict which patients will face challenges with opioid medications after hospitalization. Dr. Susan Calcaterra, the lead author, says it could help guide doctors about prescribing to...
Even though the fate of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program remains uncertain, it has not deterred young Dreamers from pursuing scholarships to colleges in the United States.
Five years ago, CU Boulder began appointing an annual Visiting Scholar In Conservative Thought -- a ground-breaking program at the time.
Dept. of Education study shows college-going rate remains consistent, but gaps among ethnic groups linger
Robert Kelchen, an emerging scholar and expert on higher education, discusses his new book on what the accountability push means for higher education.
Many students no longer enjoy summers off, and some colleges are seeing this months-long break as key to promoting on-time graduation. But the cost of attending classes may discourage students from enrolling in the summer.
America has a skills gap. Governments across the U.S. are turning to European-style apprenticeship programs as a possible solution.