CU Advocates

The University of Colorado's Advocates program is a network of educated and engaged people who care about the university and are prepared to promote its educational, research and economic contributions to Colorado and beyond. CU Advocates also help raise awareness about issues affecting higher education.

Twenty years ago, Colorado students and their families paid one-third of the cost of their college tuition. State funding covered the rest. Today that's reversed, as students and families pay two-thirds of the cost.

It is imperative that CU supporters mobilize to advocate on behalf of the university to help influence public policy, shape public opinion, energize support, and secure CU’s future.

  • CU boasts five Nobel laureates and nine MacArthur “genius” fellows
  • CU physicians performed the first liver transplant
  • CU researchers developed the first shingles vaccine.
  • CU awards 40% of all CO’s bachelor’s degrees; 56% of all CO’s graduate degrees (public institutions)
  • Colorado ranks 48th in the nation for state funding per resident student

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