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The CU Advocates program is the official
grassroots network of the University of Colorado.

Anyone can be a CU Advocate. It is a growing network of people who are informed of opportunities and challenges facing CU.

CU Advocates are empowered to influence public perception and policy affecting CU. CU Advocates take the initiative to attend educational programs to become more informed on and engaged with areas important to CU, the state and public higher education. CU Advocates are encouraged to promote CU's value and opportunities.


CU Funding In Focus

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Twenty years ago, Colorado students and their families paid one-third of the cost of their college tuition. State funding covered the rest. Today that's reversed, as students and families pay two-thirds of the cost.

Why advocate for CU?

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It is imperative that CU supporters mobilize to advocate on behalf of the university to help influence public policy, shape public opinion, energize support, and secure CU’s future.

  • Colorado ranks 48th in the nation for state funding per resident college student
  • CU boasts five Nobel laureates and 10 MacArthur “genius” fellows
  • CU physicians performed the first liver transplant
  • CU researchers developed the first shingles vaccine.
  • CU has educated 20 astronauts
  • CU research has created 182 companies plus 4 FDA-approved drugs


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CU On The Air PodcastCU On The Air, our monthly audio podcast features faculty throughout CU's four campuses who are leading experts in their field. The podcast will promote the value of CU to the state and well beyond, and will be informational, relevant and entertaining.

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CU Pride Points On each of the University of Colorado's four campuses, students from every walk of life receive the education, research opportunities and inspiration to change the world. We give businesses the top-tier talent and revolutionary technology they need to get ahead. We provide essential community programs to citizens across the state. Learn about how we are making a difference today and creating a better tomorrow.

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Department News


Google is granting more than $2 million in investments to the cause of furthering women in computer science and science, technology, engineering and math education, turning over the second floor of its former office space on 26th Street in Boulder to the National Center for Women & Information Technology.
July 2, 2018
Ian Orme was a fixture at Colorado State University, where he conducted research on tuberculosis, before he died June 19 following a heart attack. Spencer worked with Orme for 22 years.
July 2, 2018
In the coming months, the University of Colorado's Board of Regents is expected to consider a proposal to remove the word "liberal" from a description of the university's academic freedom principles. Your take?
July 2, 2018
Advocates for more postsecondary data say the support of John Cornyn, the No. 2 Senate Republican, for the College Transparency Act makes an overturn of a federal ban on student unit records appear inevitable -- if still a ways off.
July 2, 2018
The CU Archives are much more than a repository for stacks of papers, employees said. They celebrated the archives' 100-year anniversary in early June, and they are examining how to modernize and focus on inclusion in the next era of the archives.
June 30, 2018
The institute is co-hosted by the University of Colorado's A Queer Endeavor and the Boulder Valley School District, with support from the Colorado GSA Network, Out Boulder County.
June 29, 2018

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