Dr. Huntington Potter, Professor of Neurology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine says that scientists all over the world are trying to understand the mechanism of Alzheimer’s and to use that information to develop new drugs.
Not everyone is ready to call it a crisis, but the teacher shortage in rural Colorado is approaching crisis levels. Reportedly nearly 3,000 teachers with the majority concentrated in rural Colorado.
Headlines about liberal bias in higher education read like "The sun rises in the east."
When the parents of a prospective Colorado football player express worry about the health and safety of their son playing the game, Buffaloes head coach Mike MacIntyre is quick to offer a rebuttal. He asks if that player ever rides a bike.
We have a unique perspective on college affordability that not many students or parents get, but it is one we're happy to share.
When Dustin Gordon's high school invited juniors and seniors to meet with recruiters from colleges and universities, a handful of students showed up. A few were serious about the prospect of continuing their educations, he said, "But I think...
People who don’t go to college are getting sicker and dying younger. That’s the reality playing out in a region of southeastern Missouri known as the Bootheel, one of many poverty-stricken rural areas across the country where few residents have four-year...
The enduring popular concept of what it means to go to college sends young people the message that they’re not “college material” if they’re not interested in, or able to attend, a four-year college or university
We frequently hear how Colorado ranks last, or otherwise near the bottom in terms of higher education taxpayer funding. This, in part, results from the Colorado Constitution's requirements for a balanced budget and voter permission for tax hikes.
This month's pride point spotlights CU Boulder's world-renowned geosciences program.