APS 5002 - Faculty Appointment Process

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Policy Profile

Policy Title: Faculty Appointment Process
APS Number: 5002
Effective: July 1, 2011
Approved by: President Bruce D. Benson
Responsible University Officer: Associate Vice President and Academic Affairs Officer
Responsible Office: Academic Affairs
Policy Contact: Associate Vice President and Academic Affairs Officer 303-860-5614
Supersedes: Faculty Appointment – Letters of Proposed Offer and Contracts – August 1984
Last Reviewed/Updated: July 1, 2011
Applies to: University-wide

Policy Snapshot

Brief Description:  Describes the procedure for composing letters of offer for faculty.

Reason for Policy:  To comply with Regent Law, Article 5, Part B: Appointment and Evaluation

I.  Introduction

Regent Law 5.B.2 (C) requires that the terms and conditions of faculty appointments be set forth in writing and be in possession of both the university and the appointee, whenever possible, before the appointment is begun. This policy is not intended to address letters of offer for postretirement employment.

II.  Policy Statement

    1. Implementation at Each Campus: The campuses, in collaboration with appropriate faculty governance groups, shall develop and implement their respective policies and procedures for the faculty appointment processes. The Provosts shall be responsible for the implementation and enforcement of such policies and procedures on their respective campuses.
    2. All campuses must maintain:
      1. Offer templates for every faculty title, including
        1. at-will statement for non-tenure-track faculty
        2. State of Colorado oath for teaching faculty
        3. Link to “Standards, Processes and Procedures for , Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion
        4. Link to Article 5.D of Regent Law (“Principles of Academic Freedom”)
        5. Link to Faculty Handbook
        6. Link to benefits information
      2. Search committee procedures for each faculty title.

III.  Interpretation

Subject to the president's authority to interpret university policies, the system Office of Academic Affairs shall provide interpretive guidance for this policy.

IV.  History

    • Faculty Appointment – Letters of Proposed Offer and Contracts, February 1, 1979
    • Revised August 1984

V.  Key Words

Hiring procedures, letters of offer, faculty contracts