June 12, 2017

The University of Colorado has treated the issue related to former Coach Joe Tumpkin with the seriousness and deliberation it demands. We have engaged nationally recognized experts to help determine what happened and advise us on what we should do about it.

We are releasing a full, final report from Cozen O’Connor with complete findings. We are also releasing a full, final report from WilmerHale that summarizes the processes we have followed and includes the university’s final determinations and steps we will take going forward.

We said at the outset of this matter that we didn’t handle it as we should have, particularly in how we communicated with Tumpkin’s former partner and how we reported the matter internally. We will own our mistakes and own the solutions.

As a result of this process, we have also identified policy and training gaps we need to fix. We are addressing those gaps without delay and with determination to set a higher standard, because CU cannot and will not tolerate domestic violence or any form of sexual misconduct.

The leaders of the campus, athletic department and football program are accountable in their leadership roles. There are consequences for mistakes, and they are taking responsibility for them.

The board and I continue to have confidence in the chancellor, athletic director and the coach as leaders of their respective areas and representatives of the university. We are counting on them to be an important part of the solution, and I will be working with them closely as president of the university.

In consultation with the board, I have determined that the following remedial measures be imposed:

  • A 10-day suspension without pay for Chancellor DiStefano that the chancellor proposed and that the board and I deemed appropriate and accepted.
  • The board, athletic director Rick George and I have agreed that AD George will personally contribute $100,000 to a fund at CU Boulder addressing domestic violence issues.
  • The board, head football coach Mike MacIntyre and I have agreed that Coach MacIntyre will personally contribute $100,000 to be divided between a fund at CU Boulder and a community organization addressing domestic violence issues.
  • I am issuing letters of reprimand and expectation to the chancellor, athletic director, and football coach.
  • I am directing CU to conduct an immediate review of the relevant policies and training to make them clear, more precise and more effective.
  • I am directing immediate in-person training for Title IX and domestic violence for the chancellor, athletic director and coaches, as well as for me and my executive staff.
  • I am directing university counsel to ensure all long-term employee contracts have necessary language with regard to reporting obligations, particularly related to domestic violence and sexual misconduct.
  • I am directing that necessary structural changes be made on all our campuses to ensure greater coordination and collaboration regarding university obligations and standards, particularly those related to Title IX and intimate partner violence. We must break down silos on our campuses.
  • Given the high profile of the athletic department, I am directing structural changes to ensure deeper engagement with OIEC, university counsel and strategic communications.
  • The Intercollegiate Athletics department will bear the costs of the inquiry.
  • I am directing that all the individuals and units involved in the actions above report back to me by August 1 on progress.

I know some will say these remedial measures and changes go too far; others will say they do not go far enough. Not everybody will be happy. The board and I believe that the actions are appropriate and necessary and that the results of this inquiry will make us a better university. We aim to be a national leader in responding to sexual misconduct and intimate partner violence and this experience will help us achieve that.

We will continue to do what’s necessary to improve in this vital area. Our most important asset is the integrity of the university, and it will remain the North Star that guides us in all we do.