About This Specialization

This specialization is intended for software engineers, development and product managers, testers, QA analysts, product analysts, tech writers, and security engineers. Even if you have experience in the requirements realm, this course will expand your knowledge to include new viewpoints, development styles, techniques and tools.

For anyone seeking a graduate degree, certificate, or professional degree in computer science, these courses will additionally give you a broad understanding of how requirements engineering is performed and help you get a first foot forward into your upcoming careers.

The Software Requirements specialization focuses on traditional software requirements elicitation and writing techniques, while also looking at requirements from a security standpoint. In traditional methods, non-functional requirements, such as security, are often ignored overall. In this specialization, students will be introduced to ways of eliciting requirements from stakeholders, how to analyze these requirements, conduct risk mitigation and analysis, prioritize requirements, document, and bring security concerns into the software lifecycle early on.




2 months at 7 hours/week


Specialization Overview

There are 5 Courses in this Specialization:

  • Requirements Gathering for Secure Software Development
  • Requirements Elicitation: Atifact and Stakeholder Analysis
  • Requirements Specifications: Goals and Conflict Analysis
  • Software Requirements Prioritization: Risk Analysis
  • SRS Documents: Requirements and Diagrammatic Notations

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