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A newborn baby is an amazing beautiful life filled with hope. Unfortunately, many babies die or experience preventable harm even in 21st century. It is imperative that babies who are born healthy get off to a healthy start in the first month of life. There are some easy tenets of care to implement that help ensure that babies and families get off to a healthy start no matter where they are in the world. In this specialization learners will acquire the skills necessary for newborn baby care to optimize their health in the hours, days and weeks after they are born.

The courses are designed to move the learner through the progression of care for healthy newborns in the first month of life. The first half of the specialization consists of clinical provisions such as initial medical interventions and screenings, health assessments and resulting diagnoses. The second half focuses on care provided at home including transport and sleep safety, nutrition, and parental and caregiver bonding.




2 months at 6 hours/week



There are 4 Courses in this Specialization:

  • Preventative Healthcare for the Newborn Baby
  • The Newborn Assessment
  • Guidance to Keep Newborn Babies Safe and Healthy
  • Supporting Parents of a Newborn Baby

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