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This specialization is developed for seniors and fresh graduate students to understand fundamental network architecture concepts and their impacts on cyber security, to develop skills and techniques required for network protocol design, and prepare for a future of constant change through exposure to network design alternatives. Students will require a prior knowledge of C programming, an understanding of math probability and a computer science background is a plus.

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Projects Overview

The assessments covers fundamental computer networking concepts and principles which will guide the learner to apply the networking theory and design principles, verify their understandings, and build a solid foundation for creating innovations in today's Internet. It lays foundations of network architectures, protocol design principles, and TCP/IP programming skills, which are necessary to take more advanced courses in graduate study and/or technical training in the industry. It covers basic networking knowledge and in-depth understanding of the inner-workings of computer networks and their evolution. Communication systems, from simple to asynchronous point-to-point links, to those based on complex network architectures will be assessed.


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