University Brand Identity Standards Board

The University Brand Identity Standards Board comprises representatives with professional expertise in branding, marketing and communications from each campus, system administration and the CU Foundation.

It is the responsibility of this board to maintain the standards of the University of Colorado brand as authorized by the Board of Regents and directed by the president.

Each campus has its own brand standards board, responsible for maintaining the brand standards specific to the campus. The campus boards provide advice and guidance on issues specific to campuses, but do not approve exceptions or deviations from the campus or system guidelines.

Any requests to deviate from brand identity standards must be submitted in writing to the University Brand Identity Standards Board and only after the request has first been made with the campus board.


Contacts for the University Brand Identity Standards Board
System Administration
 Elizabeth Collins
Executive Director, University Relations
Office of the President
303 860 5624
University of Colorado Boulder
 Jon Leslie
Executive Director of Marking and Creative Services/Administration
University Communications
303 492 2531
University of Colorado Colorado Springs
 Martin Wood
Vice Chancellor
University Advancement and Managing Director
National Institute for Science, Space and Studies
719 255 3438
University of Colorado Denver and Anschutz Medical Campus
 Jeff Exstrum
Manager, University Brand and Design
303 315 3716
University of Colorado Foundation
 John Pechacek
Graphic Designer, Marketing & Communications
303 541 1334