Jobs at CU Employee FAQ

Applicant Documents

Uploading Submitted Applications

Someone with HR role access can reactivate an applicant’s application. The applicant can then replace their document.

Uploading Letters of Recommendation

If you have reference letters that need to be uploaded, follow these steps: Open the applicant's application then go to the Summary page and scroll down to the Reference section.  It is the second blue circle. There will be an email link at the bottom of each reference provider’s information. Copy and paste that email link into the browser address field and hit enter.  A page will open up allowing you to browse and upload a document.  Upload the reference letter you received for that specific reference provider. NOTE: The posting must have been set up to receive reference letters.

References Unable to Submit Letters

Incorrect posting settings

The Recommendation Document Type must have Reference Letters selected when the posting was set up.  Contact your HR approver requesting the Recommendation Document Type be changed on the Settings page of the posting.

Formatting issues 

The document must be in either Microsoft Word or PDF format, not a secured document, cannot contain an encrypted signature, and the document must be less than 9mb in size. 

 Unsolicited request​ 

There was not an email request sent to the reference provider.  (Applicant may have contacted the reference provider and requested they upload a letter.)


Receiving Emails from External Departments

If you have a staff, faculty or research faculty campus HR role, you will receive emails from the entire campus, or your security role access allows you access to multiple departments. 

Stop Receiving Emails from Jobs at CU

If you would like to opt out of receiving emails from Jobs at CU, please follow our step-by-step guide.   

Logging In

No Username and Password to Log in to the Jobs at CU HR Site

An account was created for all employees.  Please log in with your employee ID# initially for both your user name and password unless you are a Guest User.  You will be required to change your password when you first login.  If you cannot login with your employee ID#, click on Request a password reset. If you are still unable to login, please send an email to

Position Changes

Changing a Posting from a Different Position/Employee Type

Unfortunately a posting cannot be changed from one employee type to another. The posting will have to be re-created by selecting the correct employee type. Contact your HR office or submit an email to and request the posting be deleted.​

Locating a Position I was Modifying

Go to the Position Management module and hoover over the Position Descriptions tab.  Select the appropriate employee type actions:  Classified and University Staff Actions, Faculty Actions or Research Faculty Actions.  Enter the position number (include the two leading zeros for HRMS position numbers). 

Making Changes in HRMS or Jobs at CU

Minor changes to the position can be made in HRMS; however, any changes made in HRMS will not feed into Jobs at CU.​

Removing a Seated Employee From a Position

When you are modifying or editing the position, find the ‘Employee’ page and click ‘Edit’.  Select ‘Filter These Results’ and type in ‘vacant’. Select the VACANT employee and save the position.


Making Changes on the Posting

In order to make a change to the posting, you have to be the owner of the posting.  Contact the owner of the posting and request they transition it back to you.

Position Number Not Found when Creating a Posting from the Position

Workflow Status

The position must be in the workflow status of ‘All Approvals Obtained’ before a posting can be created.  Contact the owner of the position or your HR department approver.

Position/Employee Type

The Position/Employee type must be the same in Position Management as in Applicant Tracking when creating a posting.

Search Committee

Accessing the New System

A search committee member will be sent an email from notifying them they are a search committee member to the specific posting. The search committee member can access the website by logging in through their CU campus portal.  Click on CU Resources and open up Business Applications.  Click on Jobs at CU Dept. Recruitment and type in the user name and password.

Adding Search Committee Members to a Posting

If the job has been posted, you will need to contact your HR department and request they add search committee members.  If you are setting up the posting, please check page 15 on the step-by-step guide.

Cannot See Applicants

If the search committee members cannot see the Applicants, the Applicant Workflow status on the posting is not set to Under Review by Search Committee.  Contact your HR approver requesting the Applicant Workflow be changed on the Settings page of the posting.

File Attachments