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Frequently Asked Questions

When will my W-4 or Direct Deposit changes take effect?

To be sure that your changes take effect by the next payroll, complete them by the 10th of each month for the monthly payroll. You are able to make changes to your W-4 and Direct Deposit up until the payroll is being run. As the date for this varies each month, you would need to refer to the Payroll Calendar to determine the exact cut off. Another guide is to be sure that your changes are made at the same time your leave or time reporting is required to be done. For the Biweekly payroll cycle be sure to complete your changes prior to when your timesheet is due to your supervisor for approval.

Can I still turn in a paper form for W-4 and Direct Deposit Changes?

Yes, you are still able to turn in a paper form for your W-4 and direct deposit changes. Be sure to get the original to Employee Services by the due date for your payroll cycle.

Why can't I delete and add a new Direct Deposit on the same day?

PeopleSoft HRMS is effective dated, but you can only have a single transaction per day. If you are trying to delete your Direct Deposit, delete it as of the day before you want your new information to take effect.

How does my access work to Finance or HRMS if the system is down?

The link from CU Resources only allows access to the production environment. You can still access the Reporting environments through the planets page at: or your current bookmarks.

There is a system status section for each system on the right column on the News page. You will be able to see if any of the systems are currently down.

The exception is when HRMS is down for monthly processing, the link in CU Resources will still take you into Production HRMS, but in view only mode. You will still be able to run reports and queries on these days, just no data entry will be allowed.

How do I access Finance Reporting or HR Reporting?

You will continue to access the Reporting environments the way you do today by clicking HR Reporting or Finance Reporting.

Why am I listed as a Smoker in Employee Information?

The smoker information is coming from a checkbox in HRMS. The smoker checkbox is used by one of the payroll processes to determine the rate to use when calculating the deduction amount for an employee's optional life insurance. The data is not sent anywhere or used for any other purpose. The default value for the field is "yes." The only time the value is changed is if an employee chooses to enroll in optional life insurance during his/her initial enrollment period or during open enrollment. If during either enrollment period the employee indicates that he or she is a non-tobacco user, the smoker value is changed to "no." Employees who do not enroll in optional life insurance or are not eligible to participate in the plan will have a value of "yes" in the smoker field. We are looking into changing the way optional life is handled and calculated in the system. The change will allow us to update that value since it will not be used for payroll purposes, however, we are not ready to make that change yet.




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