Reporting System

Creating a single, efficient reporting solution for financial management

The Office of University Controller (OUC) has been charged with developing the Cognos Reporting System as the single reporting solution for the University of Colorado. In pursuit of this goal, we have already begun to decommission other, unsupported reporting tools.

Through Cognos, we offer on-demand reports to suit common departmental financial management needs. We also provide training, documentation, and support to facilitate knowledgeable use of the Cognos Reporting System and transition away from other systems.

We consult with campus controller staff and campus users to ensure that Cognos reports are developed to serve their financial data needs. This includes both creating new management reports and replacing management reports that have been useful in other systems we are decommissioning.


The University of Colorado has other Cognos content, including legacy Cognos financial reports. We therefore use the m-Fin brand to distinguish the on-demand reports developed for this initiative. m-Fin stands for management financial

m-Fin reports are:

  • Cognos technology
  • For internal CU use
  • Drawn on financial data from CU's Central Information Warehouse (CIW)
  • Tuned for performance with reasonable run times
  • Developed with input from CU administrative financial data users
  • Published and maintained by CU's Office of University Controller (OUC)


OUC's team for the Cognos Reporting System Initiative is made up of Carl Sorenson and Sarju Khadka. Carl and Sarju work with the campus users for input on development of Cognos reports. They also collaborate with University Information Systems (UIS) and Information Research Management (IRM) on development of the Cognos data model, enhancement of CIW database infrastructure, and Cognos software support.

Carl and Sarju are joined by other members of the OUC staff in testing, training, and supporting CU's use of the Cognos system for financial management.


Decommissioning of other reporting tools will be according to the following schedule:

  • cms "Denver CIW" site decommission: August - December 2011
  • site decommission: February 2012
  • FishNet financial queries decommission: September - December 2012
  • PSLite decommission: To be determined

Development of new Cognos content, including supporting ad hoc query and leveraging new features of Cognos, will be ongoing over several years.

Communication and Training

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PSLite is no longer maintained by CU.  When CU goes live with PeopleSoft 9.2 in November of 2015 we expect that PSLite will no longer work.  The links below provide crosswalk documentation from PSLite menus to corresponding m-Fin reports.  m-Fin is different from PSLite.  Please begin using m-Fin now to allow yourself time to make the transition.