Supervisor Certification of ePERS for Employees

Effective Date: 09/04/2012


Supervisors can certify ePERS for terminated or active employees

If you are listed as having one or more “reports to” in the Human Resources Management System (HRMS), you can view the ePERS (if applicable) of the employees who report to you. Further more, you can certify the ePERs for those employees, whether they are currently active employees or terminated employees.

Campus ePER Contacts

For questions on your PER or the effort reporting process.


Leila Rabaa

  • 303.724.0188

Ginger Acierno   Grants and Contracts

  • 303.724.0258


Nasrin Khoshand   Accounting and Business Support

Colorado Springs

Brad Bailey   Accounting

  • 719.255.3397

Download the Supervisor Certification of ePERS for Employees Step-by-Step Guide below