ePER Summary by Org

Effective Date: 09/04/2012


What is the ePER Summary by Org report?

The ePER Summary by Org report is run in the Cognos Reporting System. It focuses on a particular semester and includes all of an organizational unit’s individuals who have been paid by a sponsored project, or who have a cost share effort commitment for a sponsored project, and must therefore certify an ePER. The report lists detailed payroll totals allocated to various projects and a dollar amount for “Total Other Institutional Support.” It also indicates whether or not their effort has been certified.

Campus ePER Contacts

For questions on your PER or the effort reporting process.


Leila Rabaa

  • 303.724.0188

Ginger Acierno   Grants and Contracts

  • 303.724.0258


Nasrin Khoshand   Accounting and Business Support

Colorado Springs

Brad Bailey   Accounting

  • 719.255.3397

Download the ePER Summary by Org Step-by-Step Guide below

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