Request Access

How to Request Access

Below you will find information and instructions on how to request access to resources managed by UIS. This includes both CU Enterprise Applications as well as System Administration specific resources. Information is organized by application or resource. There are two methods of making an access request in use:

  • PDF Forms
  • CU System Identity Manager

Please Note the following:

  • PDF Forms may only be accessed from one of the CU campuses.
  • PDF Forms require using a digital signature. Instructions for creating and using a digital signature can be found here: Instructions for Creating a Digital Signature.
  • CU System Identity Manager requires a campus login and password:
    • CU System ID
    • Denver Passport ID
    • Boulder Identitkey
    • UCCS Account
  • Campus Security Security Coordinators may be able to assist you with your access needs for certain enterprise applications.

Required Training

Most University systems require some level of training before access will be granted. Please review any directions in the relevant form below to identify and complete training requirements before submitting an access request.

Applications and IT Resources

Elevate Project

Access Request Process and Form


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Financial Systems

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Treasury SAFE Database

Central Information Warehouse (CIW)

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CU Student Integrated (CU-SIS)


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Research Administration

  • InfoEd (eRA): For InfoEd (eRA) access a researcher or administrator can make a request to the research and/or compliance offices.

Master Data Management

Server Access

Note: For Terminal Server access send an email to including the specific terminal servers and your ADCUSYSEDU account name.

Database Access

  • Database accounts are for UIS staff only. UIS staff can access the Database Access Request form. Exceptions will require a special request to and will require additional approvals.

System Administration Accounts

IT Applications

  • Request Phire Access
  • Request JIRA Access: For JIRA access send an email to
  • Request UC4 Access: For UC4 access create a Cherwell ticket and assign it to Production Services

Request a New Person of Interest (POI)

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