How to Buy Shipping

FedEx Express provides next-day air delivery of letters and packages within the United States, as well as time-definite international service. FedEx Ground provides day-definite delivery of letters and packages within the United States and Canada at a cost savings as compared to time-definite FedEx Express.

Procurement Options and Procedures

  • Any dollar amount FedEx automatic billing procedures (see below)

Supplier Information


Contact Information

  • Sales Representative: Chuck Wagner Phone: 503-347-4638 email:
  • Government Customer Service Phone: 800.645.9424
  • International Shipping Phone: 800.247.4747
  • Technical Support Phone: 800.339.2774
  • Track Shipments Phone: 800.463.3339

Billing Procedures

It is necessary to obtain a shipping account number and create a FedEx login prior to your first shipment.

Account Set-up

Follow this 3-step process to establish a new account with FedEx:

  • Call 800.645.9424, request a new account number and specify you are part of the State of Colorado Subgroup 816.
  • Complete the FedEx New Account Set-up Request form - include your new account number obtained from the previous step - and email it to both and
  • Create a login for the FedEx website. Go to and click Register for, located within the New Customer Center under the Login area. Fill in the required fields, review the Terms of Use and click I Accept.

Processing a Shipment

When filling out Airbills or Waybills (examples below), enter your SpeedType number in the appropriate reference field. For billing reasons, enter only your SpeedType in the field.

Correct Example:


Incorrect Examples:

SpdTyp: 12345678
SpeedType: 12345678

Electronic Airbill

Preferred method as FedEx website ( will automatically perform any necessary address corrections, thus minimizing potential shipping delays. Enter your SpeedType in the Your Reference field within Section #4: Billing Details of the electronic form.

Domestic Airbill (paper):

Enter your SpeedType in the Your Internal Billing Reference field (section #2) of the paper form.

International Waybill (paper)

Enter your SpeedType in the Your Internal Billing Reference Information field (section #2) of the paper form.

State Price Agreement

State Price agreements are available online

  • 20170000000000000109​, valid through 11-27-2021

Purchasing Agent

Crystal DiCino

Director of Strategic Procurement
Duane Tucker