Central Information Warehouse (CIW) & CU Reporting System (Cognos)

Overview: The Central Information Warehouse (CIW) is CU’s system-wide centralized data repository for information sourced from administrative systems. Included are the Human Resources Management System (HRMS), Finance, Student Information System (ISIS) and more. The CU Reporting System (Cognos) is a robust tool offering standardized business intelligence reports to assist with analysis and presentation of data contained in the CIW. These are provided by Information Resource Management (IRM).

Benefits:  Some of the benefits of CIW and CU Reporting System include:

  • Centralized repository providing easy access to CU system-wide administrative data for analysis and reporting using pre-configured business intelligence reports.
  • An intuitive and accessible self-service reporting and analysis tool that is your single source for fast, easy access to all administrative data sources.
  • Centralized control and deployment, limiting the amount of maintenance you need to do on your computer.
  • Your one-stop source for Federal and State reporting. Historical records are kept, even if the data is deleted from transactional system.

Funding Model: This system is funded through the campuses.

Who is eligible to use the service: Any Faculty/Staff of University of Colorado System.

How to request access to the service: For information on how to request access to CIW and the CU Reporting System, see the Access website. (Note: Must be on a CU network to access this restricted website.)

Alias information / service history: You may hear CIW referred as Warehouse, CU Reporting System, CMS reporting. You may hear the CU Reporting System referred to as Cognos.

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