Paycards: Educate your team today

Remember: Starting July 2, any employee who is not enrolled in direct deposit will be issued a paycard instead of a paper payroll check. (Read more about CU’s paycards rollout.)

Help spread the word to your employees about what paycards are and how they can be used:

How will paycards affect your employees?
Paycards are a paper-free way to pay only those employees who DO NOT enroll in direct deposit.
Paycards will eliminate payroll checks and NOT the use of checks for funding internal business processes.
Paycards are an alternative to setting up direct deposit through CU’s Employee Services.
Paycards are a way for employees without banking accounts to store and manage their pay—even after they leave CU.
A paycard can be used to
  • withdraw funds from ATMs and at banks bearing the VISA and MasterCard logos
  • make purchases—with the ability to get cash back at the point of sale
  • receive and accept offers from retailers based on how and where you use it
Paycards are automatically mailed to employees who DO NOT enroll in CU’s direct deposit program by July 1, 2014.
Paycards are ready for use only after employees activate them by:
  • calling the toll-free number listed on the front of your card and following the instructions
  • visiting the Brink's Moneycard website, where you can use its self-service feature to activate your card
Paycards allow users to set up anytime and on-demand text message alerts about:
  • account balances
  • purchase history
  • the nearest, surcharge-free ATMs

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