Policy 6C: Delegation of Authority for Classified Staff

The president is the appointing authority for the University of Colorado and is responsible and accountable for the operation and management of the state personnel system for the university in accordance with C.R.S. §24-50-101(3)(d). By resolution of the Board of Regents, and by delegation from the president, the chancellors of the University of Colorado campuses are the appointing authorities for their institutions and the president retains appointing authority for system administration.

The president and chancellors may further delegate all or part of their authority to subordinate administrators within their operational units in accord with the following provisions:

a. Exercise of the authority to delegate shall be done in such a manner as to protect the employee's right to adequate review by a responsible administrative officer in accordance with requirements as specified by the state personnel board rules and state personnel director's administrative procedures.

b. Delegation of authority under this provision will be made in writing.

Last Amended: January 24, 2008


Adopted February 17, 1977;
revised June 2, 2004;
revised January 24, 2008