Policy 2K: Personnel Authority for Employees Exempt from the State Personnel System

In accordance with its constitutional and statutory authority and duties, the Board of Regents shall make or approve all appointments, terminations, title changes, and salaries, including administrative stipends ("Personnel Matters"), for those employees exempt from the state personnel system. As used in this policy, termination does not include acceptance of resignations and retirements.

As permitted by C.R.S. §23-5-117, the board may delegate its authority to the president. This policy describes the authority over Personnel Matters retained by the board and the authority over Personnel Matters delegated to the president.

1. The board retains authority for:

a. Personnel Matters pertaining to the president, university counsel and secretary, university treasurer, and the director of internal audit;

b. The award of tenure to faculty and the appointment and dismissal of tenured faculty; and

c. the award of term contracts as authorized by C.R.S. §24-19-104(1.5) and extensions to such term contracts.

In those cases where the Board of Regents is not required, by its Laws or policies, to act on the end of appointments of individuals for whom the board retains authority, the end of appointments of such individuals, except tenured faculty, shall be reported to the board as informational items on board meeting agendas.

2. Except for the above authority retained by the board, the board delegates to the president authority over Personnel Matters regarding faculty, officers, and exempt professionals.

3. The president shall have the authority to further delegate the president's authority provided herein on the following terms:

a. The president's further delegation must be express and in writing;

b. The president may delegate to a chancellor, and, upon the recommendation of the chancellor, to vice chancellors and/or deans authority over Personnel Matters regarding the campus' officers and exempt professionals, and faculty rostered on their campuses; and

c. The president may delegate to a vice president authority over personnel matters regarding the officers and exempt professionals reporting through that vice president.

4. In consultation with the audit committee chair, the director of internal audit will be the hiring authority regarding Personnel Matters pertaining to exempt professionals reporting directly to the director of internal audit.

5. In the event of a conflict between the provisions of this policy and other previously approved policies, the provisions of this policy shall control.

6. The delegation described in this policy applies only to Personnel Matters as that term is defined in this policy, i.e., appointments, terminations, title changes, and salaries, including administrative stipends. Authority over any personnel actions that are not included in the definition of Personnel Matters - for example, leave approvals, evaluations and acceptance of resignations and retirements - shall be exercised in accordance with and under the authority provided by applicable board Law or policy.

Last revised: September 12, 2011


The board approved a resolution on delegation of personnel authority on April 25, 1996; revised June 26, 1997; and revised January 20, 2000, effective July 1, 2000.
On August 3, 2000 the board approved Regent Policy 2-K; revised December 11, 2003; September 23, 2004; June 1, 2006; August 16, 2007; February 11, 2010; and September 12, 2011.

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