Procurement Card Compliance

Procurement Card Administration staff periodically conducts transaction reviews and department site visits in order to ensure that procurement card policies are being followed. Ultimately, these reviews and visits serve to minimize risk and to increase program effectiveness by recommending best practices, identifying violations, and issuing points for infractions.

Types of Compliance Reviews

Transaction Reviews

Compliance Specialists review procurement card information directly in the Expense System.

Department Site Visits

Compliance Specialists develop review plans for specific departments. Among the areas targeted for review are:

  • Risky Merchants - Variety and department stores and restricted Merchant Category Codes (MCC).
  • Mandatory State Price Agreement Use - Variety of stores selling furniture and office supplies.
  • Travel Related - Travel related expenses.
  • Split Transactions - Splitting single transactions to circumvent the single purchase limit
  • Tax - Tax paid on purchases.
  • Unreallocated Transactions - Check of unreallocated transactions that are older than 30 days.
  • Red Flags - Requests from departments, Violation Warning forms received and other questionable or problematic items discovered.
  • Best Practices - After review and when warranted, suggestions to Program participants on best practices are made.