Contract Signature Authority

Large-dollar Contracts

Contracts over $5,000 require PSC approval. Before proceeding with the purchase, fax the contract or agreement to the PSC. Purchasing agents are the only individuals authorized to sign large-dollar contracts for goods and services on behalf of CU.

Small-dollar Contracts

Authorized department personnel have the authority to sign vendor agreements $5,000 and less on behalf of the University without altering the agreement. This means the department may agree to the vendor's legal terms and conditions. Departments have always had the responsibility to understand the business aspects of the vendor agreement and to carefully review the cost, renewal terms, and termination requirements. Due to these operational efficiencies, the PSC is no longer involved in the process for vendor agreements that are $5,000 or less.

UCD and UCCS have more restrictive campus policies regarding contract signature authority. UCD employees must follow the campus Signature Authority Administrative Policy, while UCCS employees need to contact the Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance (VCAF) for direction.

For PSC policy on contract signatures:

Related campus documents and contacts:

  • University of Colorado Denver: Refer to the Administrative Policy: Signature Authority and click on the "Contract Signature Matrix" link
  • University of Colorado Colorado Springs: Contact Iryse Naro, Executive Assistant to Associate Vice Chancellor for Administration & Finance, 719.255.3636,
  • University of Colorado Boulder: Contact Barry Northrop, Director, Accounting & Business Support, 303.492.7119,