Employee Services News

Employee Services Expos are coming to your campus Oct. 26-30.
The Be Colorado Move. 90-Day Challenge started Tuesday and will run through Dec. 15.
Take this short survey if you have taken the SUCCEED health assessment.
Paychecks 101 reviews the basics and explains where your money goes each month.
Check to make sure your browsers are up to date for the CU HR and FIN systems upgrade.
If you're a new international employee, be sure to schedule an appointment with Employee Services' International Tax Office as soon as possible to determine and document your U.S. tax status.
It may not be romantic, but all couples need to talk about their finances.
Avoid penalties and learn how to use your HSA.
We want to see you! In October, Employee Services will be on each campus for our annual expos.
In Novemeber, CU will upgrade its financial and human resources software. We have the information you need to know.