Employee Portal

Everything you need as a CU employee is at your fingertips when you access the employee portal, my.cu.edu. With a modern, user-friendly design, it's easy to find important information—from your pay stubs to your required online training.

Here's a quick guide to completing common tasks within the portal.

In most cases, there are two ways to access any piece of information within the portal: through the NavBar located on the upper right of the screen, and via the six featured tiles in the main body of the portal home page. To help protect you and your personal information, you'll be prompted to verify your identity when accessing items such as tax forms and direct deposit selections. Learn more.

View my pay stub.



View your pay stub via the Pay Advice link within the My Info and Pay menu or within the My Compensation tile in the middle of the screen.

Sign up for Direct Deposit.

1. Find the Direct Deposit button within the My Compensation tile in the middle of the screen or within the NavBar located in CU Resources under My Info and Pay.
2. You'll be prompted to verify your identity via our authentication tool, which ensures your direct deposit bank account information is safe.

Enter time worked and/or time off.



Use the My Info and Pay menu under the CU Resources' area of the NavBar to access My Leave. Or access My Leave in the middle of the screen by clicking on the Request Leave/Record Time button.

Update my address.



Use the menu within the My Info tile to update your email and mailing addresses, and other personal information. You can also access the Employee Profile link under My Info and Pay in the CU Resources menu located in the NavBar.

Change the amount of taxes withheld from my paycheck.



Use the W-4 link within the My Info and Pay menu located in the CU Resources section of the NavBar or within the My Compensation tile menu to update your tax-withholding preferences.
You'll verify your identity through our authentication tool, which ensures your private information is secure.
Please note: If you're a new international employee, you cannot complete this form without first meeting with an international tax specialist. Learn more.

Find my W-2 tax form.



Access your W-2 tax form in the NavBar to the CU Resource's section to find My Info and Pay menu's W-2 link. You may also access the W-2 link within the My Compensation tile in the middle of the screen.

Take required online training.


Access courses through CU's online learning management tool, SkillSoft, through the Training menu in the CU Resources section of the NavBar.

View my health and wellness coverage.


Review your benefits selections via the options in the Benefits and Wellness menu under the CU Resources area of the NavBar. or the My Medical Provider tile in the middle of the screen.

If you're a manager, the portal has a few new features to help you complete important tasks.

Approve actions and requests.

The new approvals notification bar appears at the top of your screen whenever there's an action or request awaiting your approval. You'll receive these notifications for the following items:

  • leave requests
  • timesheets
  • electronic personnel action requests (ePAR)
  • payroll expense transfers

Get immediate alerts to help manage employees.

The portal now features a Manager tile, which alerts you that the following employee information requires your attention.

Assign a proxy.

The Assign a Proxy tool allows you to assign someone to approve actions or requests on your behalf—whether or not you have access to Human Capital Management (HCM).

You can request a proxy—to back you up on such actions as completing transactions and approving requests—by completing a form in the CU Resources section of the portal. Just select the Assign a Proxy link from the Manager dropdown menu. You can use this step-by-step guide to walk through the process.