Employee Tuition Waiver Benefit

As a leader in education, we value strong, curious minds and continued growth – not just for our students, but for our dedicated workforce as well.

That's why we provide qualified employees and dependents with tuition waiver assistance for up to 9 credit hours per aid year and offer dependents of CU Boulder employees a 20 percent discount.

Do you dream of earning a degree? Do you crave more learning in your career field? Is there a subject you’d just love to know more about? Whatever your goals, we’re here to support you. Find out how it works by reviewing the information below.

Dependent Pilot Program

Are you interested in details about the dependent pilot program? Initial information can be found on the sidebar of this page. More details of the pilot program will be coming in July.  Until these details have been finalized, Employee Services will not be accepting any Fall 2017 Tuition Waiver Benefit forms.

Please refer to the FAQ page for more information. 

Ready to use this benefit? 

To use the tuition waiver benefit, there are some specific steps you need to take. 

First, you need to check your eligibility. Then, you can click on your campus below for instructions on applying for the tuition waiver benefit. For specific information, such as course exceptions, please read our fact sheet.

For step-by-step instructions, click the campus you or your dependent wishes to attend:

We've redesigned the Tuition Waiver Benefit Form

We recently released a simplified, easier-to-user version of the Tuition Waiver Benefit Form for employees and dependents.  Employee Services will not be accepting any Fall 2017 Tuition Waiver Benefit forms until the Pilot program details have been finalized.