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Employee Services serves CU employees through seven primary functions:

  • Benefits: Providing university employees and faculty with excellent health benefits, a variety of retirement plans, life and disability insurance
  • Employee Learning and Development:Providing university-wide development and administration of quality learning programs to maximize job performance and satisfaction for faculty, staff and student workers
  • Financial Wellness: Bridging the gap between your benefits and the financial decisions you need to make the right choices
  • Human Resources: Delivering HR services to the employees in System Administration, working in conjunction with campus HR directors to identify policy changes and manage training compliance
    HR plays a role in recruiting outstanding employees to the University of Colorado’s four campuses and system office.
  • International Tax: Helping CU’s international employees to navigate U.S. tax laws and related issues
  • Payroll: Ensuring accurate and timely payroll and leading university-wide pay and time collection
  • Technologies: Providing technical expertise for Human Resources Management Software, CU Careers and other systems

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ES Team

Associate Vice President's Office

Gregory Komarow, Associate Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer

Benefits & Payroll Administration

Michelle Martinez, director

Jennifer Green, assistant director, Benefits Operations

Trista Borrego, manager, Payroll Administration

Elizabeth (Beth) Bradford

Karen Dreiling

Andrew Drummond

Laura Hall

Tacy Harris

Kelli Elmblade

Melissa Kent

Athena Levy

Anne Marcovecchio

Teresa Meier

Anne Melzer

Jenny Rattana

Deborah Ryan

Nancy Sicalides-Tucker

Jenna Uhland

Jeff Woodard


Peter Bowers

Thomas Martinez

Business Operations

Carolyn Proctor, director of operations and strategy

Judy Anderson

Erika Floyd

Erica Fukuhara

RyAnne Scott

Tricia Strating

Kim Wendelin

Financial Wellness

Josh Brumley

Human Resources

Tracy Hooker, assistant director

Ayna Asmare

Ashley Eschler

Ashley Frakes

Margaret Haith

Gabrielle Sawusch

International Tax

Cathleen Angell

Alicia Dandeneau

Kendra Zafiratos

Learning and Development

Janet Lowe, director

Kaitlyn Elliott

Angie Generose

Kay Miller

Erin Russell

Laura Siedzick

David Sprouse

Mary Williams

Technologies and Production

Tristan Bender

Shelley Brown

Carolyn Donadio

Scott Frey

Angelica Garcia-Throckmorton

Jean Howe

Stephanie Sheldon

Bill Skarstad