New User Training

Devote the second and third week of the month to new user training. Build your knowledge of eComm's suite of tools along with federal laws that pertain to you as a communicator.

PREVIOUS STEP | Login Details

You will receive login credentials, instructions and an invitation to register for training prep on the first Wednesday of the month.


CURRENT STEP | New User Training

Training Intro
Nov. 2
Dec. 7
Jan. 4


NOTE: Intro to Training webinar's are hosted on the first Thursday of the month. If you are unable to attend you will need to review CU's CAN-SPAM materials and test your knowledge before attending Marketing Cloud New User Training.

Get started right away by learning to create an event and registration website with Cvent's on-demand interactive training modules and live training sessions hosted throughout the month. The on-demand training will pause periodically and allow you to put into practice Cvent features and concepts directly on your screen.


NOTE: Cvent new user training takes 4 hours to complete. This should be completed before the 3rd Tuesday of the month.

Marketing Cloud
Nov. 7
Dec. 12
Jan. 9


Nov. 16
Dec. 21
Jan. 18


NOTE: Cvent and Marketing Cloud New User Training should be complete before attending Salesforce training. 

NEXT STEP | Deep-Dive Training

Once you attend new user training and understand the basics, graduate to deep-dive training. You'll be invited to join virtual webinars hosted throughout the month to learn advanced features and share best practices.

Can't attend? Register anyway and we'll send you the recording.