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iModules has announced that the end-of-life date for the Harris Connect Internet Services platform is February 29, 2016.
Hope everyone’s safe and sound with all the severe weather of late! Here’s some easy and helpful reading while you’re hunkered down in the basement riding the storms out.
This weekly eComm tip is different from the others—it’s NOT optional. If you want your emails to send properly, please read and follow the instructions below.
Always use a real, official CU or CU-affiliated address to ensure your email reaches all the intended recipients.
Did the subject line of this email make you extra-curious about the email content? I got the idea from the attached email I received from a cool non-profit, which reminded me of the power of a good subject line.
You finished your taxes, so now you can focus on other data-driven, hyper-complicated necessary evils—like Harris!
It’s 72 degrees outside!! We should all be out there hiking, biking, picnicking—but here we are, indoors at our computers becoming better eCommunicators …
I’m starting a new practice of sharing a weekly tip with all of you to help us all learn and improve our eCommunications. I present to you the inaugural Advancement weekly eComm tip.
March 2014 issue of "What's new in eComm" is here!
CU’s eComm vendor, Harris Connect’s Internet Service Division was recently acquired by competitor iModules (see news release for more info). CU’s contract with Harris Connect is being honored by iModules through the original term, November 2013, with an...