1-time Email Request

We know how it goes. You don’t have the time to learn a new tool right now, but need to get an email out the door. We’re here to help.

Submit this form and an eComm specialist will contact you shortly.

Note that all email components (listed below) must be provided to your campus manager at least 1 month prior to desired delivery date. This additional time allows for adequate scheduling so there is not an audience overlap with other emails going out on your campus. It also allows for time to test the email.
Ex; "CU-Boulder Alumni Association" or "Chancellor Phil DiStefano"
Ex; contact@cualum.org. This email is attached to the Friendly From Definition. Recipient will see, "CU-Boulder Alumni Association (contact@cualum.org)"
Ex; joesmith@domain.com. When someone replies to an email, it will go to this address. It can be the same as the From email or different.
Ex; "CU Alumni," "Donors" or "{First Name} {Last Name}"
Provide email addresses of those that you might want to receive a copy of your email, but who are not in the query. When they receive this email, the word “***SAMPLE***” will precede the subject line.
This should be as short as possible and work to inspire your audience to open the email.
Image, PDF, txt.
If you have already created and designed your content, paste your unique URL here.
Provide email addresses (separate by commas) if you want specific individuals to receive test email(s) prior to delivery.
Indicate whom you want your email to be sent to i.e. "Front range alumni" or "State of CA alumni." Be as specific as possible. If you have an excel list, please provide a description of your list here and attach it below.
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