Additional DUN IDs should not be requested or created. Please use the following DUN IDs specific to your campus


  • DUN 19-948-0521


  • DUN 00-743-1505

University of Colorado Denver - Anschutz Medical Center (UCD-AMC)

  • DUN 04-109-6314

University of Colorado Denver - Downtown Denver Campus (UCD-DDC)

  • DUN 01-563-4884

Colorado Springs

  • DUN 18-619-2829

Please use the following Employer IDs. Note, a grantor may add preceding or trailing characters to this number and that is not an issue. We encourage you not to create additional numbers. If it is determined to be necessary, please forward the new numbers to the Office of the University Controller for disclosing to the State for the Single Audit.

Boulder Campus

  • All except for those noted below please use #84-6000555

Denver Campus

  • All except for those noted below please use #84-6000555
  • ONLY FOR NIH please use #84-0646886

Health Sciences Center

  • #84-6002597

Colorado Springs Campus

  • #84-6000555

The University of Colorado is an equal opportunity/nondiscrimination institution.

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