Employee Services News

Mark your calendars for Oct. 20-27, when Employee Services will host a fall financial event featuring experts helping you understanding retirement plans, credit scores, student loans and much more—with the added benefit of giving you the chance to win an...
Employee Services encourages all new and current employees (with the exception of international employees) to update and submit W-4 and direct deposit information online through the portal.
There’s now a quick way to view your CU or PERA retirement savings balances in the portal via the new Retirement Contributions tab, within the Payroll and Compensation menu.
Eligible CU employees have access to a state benefit that allows them to take advantage of national and local discounts on things such as travel, tickets, apparel and electronics.
Employee Services will update the Pay Advice section of the portal on July 14.
In the coming months, W-4 forms and direct deposit requests will only be available online.
Employee Services is undergoing an extensive review of retirement plans to ensure employees have the best options.
Please update your phone numbers in the portal for the update to personal information security.
Consider using urgent care facilities when you need health care quickly.
ELD provides faculty and staff with Books24x7, a free employee resource.