Employee Services News

CU wants you to be healthy. Take advantage of our list of benefits.
The new Colorado state minimum wage is $8.23, effective Jan. 1.
Check a few simple items off your to-do list before 2015.
Learn more about the flu shot benefit.
CU's Employee Services Financial Wellness division has launched a new Life Events website for all employees.
Pick up your virtual tote bag for financial information and online resources.
If retirement on the horizon in the next three years, you plan to attend Preparing to Retire this month.
Employee Services Fall Expos come to each CU campus from Oct. 20-27. Don't miss your chance to change your money mindset and answer your major money questions.
Be Colorado will host HealthFairs and flu shot clinics in several convenient locations in September and October.
New webite features guides, checklists and more.