August 15, 2014

Reminder: Fill out W-4, direct deposit forms online

The days of filling out forms, paying postage, potential for delays with mailing and missed deadlines are a thing of the past. Why? Direct deposit and W-4 forms are available online.

Employee Services encourages all new and current employees (with the exception of international employees*) to update and submit W-4 and direct deposit information online through the portal. This allows your information to be updated immediately and reduces the potential confusion in the lead up to payday.

Please note: These are protected pages in the portal, so you’ll need to authenticate your identity to access them.

Update your direct deposit or W-4 >>

*Note: This information does not pertain to international employees,  who may face fines and other penalties for making changes to their W-4 forms. If you are an international employee, please contact a CU international tax specialist for guidance before making changes to your W-4 Form.