July 11, 2014

Portal update July 14 changes pay advice

Employee Services will update the Pay Advice section of the portal starting at 6 p.m. July 14. This update will take approximately 3 hours. During this time, self-service applications under the Payroll and Compensation tab may be unavailable.

After this update, your online paycheck will be available to view, and the pdf version will be available a few days later.

Why is this necessary?

Currently, the employee and employer contributions are listed twice for the 401(a) Optional Retirement Plan in the Pay Advice area of the portal. To reduce confusion, Employee Services will remove the items that display both year-to-date amounts and the 401(a) fund sponsor name.

Following the upgrade, employees will be able to view how much was sent to each fund sponsor via a new page within the Payroll and Compensation called Retirement Contributions.

The example displayed below outlines the line items that are scheduled to be removed from the Pay Advice page.

portal outage