July 10, 2014

ELD: Promoting learning, growth with Books24x7



As part of its work to foster educational and professional development opportunities at CU, Employee Learning and Development provides faculty and staff SkillSoft Books24x7, a free employee resource.

Books24x7 offers thousands of unabridged and regularly updated e-books, which you can access through the employee portal and read online. Features include a bookmark that allows you to hold your place in a book and return to it when time allows and the ability to store your e-books in personal folders.

Access Books24x7 by logging in to your CU campus portal, clicking the Resources tab (if you are on campus), clicking Training in the navigation menu, then clicking Start SkillSoft. Once in SkillSoft, click the Books24x7 link and search for a topic of interest or specific title.

One popular Books24x7 category is Well-Being Essentials. This category has more than 1,200 titles organized in subgroups such as daily living, family and caregiving, health and wellness, and nutrition and weight loss. One e-book in this category, On Target Living: Your Guide to a Life of Balance, Energy, and Vitality, presents ideas to ensure optimal health and performance by living a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Most books are focused on lifestyle rather than business issues. Currently, a few of the top accessed e-books on SkillSoft Books24x7 are:

  •  Inner Peace for Busy People: 52 Simple Strategies for Transforming Your Life
  •  Sort Your Brain Out: Boost Your Performance, Manage Stress and Achieve More
  •  175 Ways to Get More Done in Less Time

Take advantage of these online resources provided by Employee Learning and Development.

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