Payroll Calendars

Payroll Calendars

Employee Services manages a master system payroll production calendar, which includes pay period begin/end dates, pay dates and the associated system due dates for processing documents. This includes items such as the time collection deadline for each pay cycle, due dates for W-4 and direct deposit forms, and information regarding HRMS availability.

Campus Payroll Calendars

Each campus develops campus-specific due dates for the HRMS and off-line processes based upon the Employee Services master calendars. The final calendars for the campuses list the Employee Services master system calendar deadlines and the campus-specific due dates each campus implements. Payroll processing calendars are posted in time spans, from January-July and from August-December. Calendars are posted at least six months in advance, depending upon when the campus-specific calendars are made available to Employee Services for inclusion on the website.

Employee Services is responsible for maintaining each campus payroll calendar and for timely posting. Because calendars (and deadlines/due dates) may be updated during the year, departments should verify each month that they are using the most current version.

Employee Payroll Due Dates Schedule

In addition to the payroll production calendar, Employee Services posts the Employee Payroll Due Dates Schedule, which provides employees a list of pay cycle dates, pay dates and due dates. This list includes due dates for W-4 and direct deposit changes for each payroll cycle. This same date also is used as the due date for other forms that affect payroll (e.g., benefits forms, additional tax forms, etc.). The list is available on the campus payroll calendars. Any W-4 and direct deposit change requests received after the posted due dates will be processed on the next available payroll cycle.

Important: Entries made in the HRMS that have not been approved before the payroll deadline, as noted on the payroll production calendar, will not be processed.  Employees—especially new employees—must be notified by their departments if their payments will be delayed due to late or delayed transaction input that has missed a payroll calendar deadline. It is the department’s responsibility to ensure HRMS entries are approved in the system, and to arrange for any pay adjustments for the employee.