Board Meetings

The University of Colorado Board of Regents meets in public session typically on one of its four campuses. The board follows all rules and regulations of the Colorado Open Meetings Law, or Sunshine Law, approved by voters in 1972. The law generally requires that any state or local governmental body that meets to discuss public business or to take formal action do so in meetings open to the public. Under the law (§ 24-6-402, C.R.S.), "meeting" refers to any kind of gathering, convened to discuss public business, whether in person, by telephone, electronically, or by other means of communication. Electronic mail messages can be considered meetings under the statute. The statute does not apply to chance meetings or social occasions where public business is not the central purpose of the meeting.

The next board meetings are scheduled for:

  • March 14, 2018 - Hold for possible special board meeting
  • April 5-6, 2018 - UCCS
  • May16, 2018 - Hold for possible special board meeting
  • June 15-16, 2018 - CU Boulder

2016 and 2017 Board Meeting Dates

2017 and 2018 Board Meeting Dates

Agendas and Schedules

Meeting minutes archives (1995-Present)