5. Stewardship of University Property

The university is committed to responsible stewardship of university resources, and employees are expected to ensure that university property, funds, and technology are used appropriately. These responsibilities include using university property, equipment, and resources only for legitimate university purposes; promoting efficient operations; following sound financial practices; and engaging in appropriate accounting and monitoring.

University property includes the university seal, name, and logo. The university regulates the use of its seal, name and related trademarks and logos in order to protect the university's reputation and to ensure that their use is related to the university's educational, research, community service, and patient care missions.

Related Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

The following is a list of policies, procedures and guidelines related to this ethical principle – the list may not be all-inclusive of the related policies, procedures and guidelines.

Board of Regent Policy [contact info]

Administrative Policy Statements [contact info]

PSC Procedural Statements [contact info]

Related Training

All training listed below is available online via the SkillSoft training tool.  To get more information, log in to your campus employee portal and click on the Resources Tab the select Training in the menu.

Marketplace Approver (u00081)

Target Audience: Individuals who need the Approver role for requisition within CU Marketplace


Procurement Card Cardholder Training (a00053)

Target Audience: Individuals who request the Procurement Card in order to accomplish small-dollar purchases for their department.


Procurement - Purchasing and Contract Management (a00109)

Target Audience: Individuals who are involved in the departmental Procurement Card program (as cardholders or Approving Officials). Individuals who need access to the CU Marketplace in order to perform purchasing- or payables-related updates.


Cash Control (a00065)

Target Audience: Employees responsible for any of the following cash-handling processes: Collection, Deposit, Custody, Receipting and/or Recording, Disbursement, or Reconciliation.


Fiscal Code of Ethics (f00001)

Target Audience: University employees (full-time, part-time, temporary, seasonal, or hourly). Affiliate fiscal staff who conduct fiscal transactions on behalf of the university.


Fiscal Code of Ethics - Officers (f00002)

Target Audience: Officers of the University and Officers of the Administration are required to take this record of acknowledgment.


Gift Fund Management Beginner Course (u00082)

Target Audience: Any individual with a fiscal role (Fiscal Principle, Fiscal Manager, or Fiscal Staff) on a Gift fund (Fund 34) speedtype, or those employees involved in the daily operations of Gift Fund Speedtypes.


Direct Charging to Sponsored Projects (u00059)

Target Audience: Employees who are engaged in a federally funded grant or contract.


ePer, electronic Personnel Effort Reporting (u00055)

Target Audience: Effort reporting is a federal requirement for every faculty member and staff employee working on a sponsored project.​


Information Security and Privacy Awareness (u00063)

Target Audience: All CU Employees and Staff